Committee Meeting Wednesday 24th April 2019


Key/Action Points.

  • Simon needs support for the Harrogate Hill School after school club once a month Brian has offered to cover and Giulio will speak to Thomas Ridley also.

  • Giulio to speak to some adults on their interest of volunteering with coaching as a first step to possibly be a coach.

  • Brian to finalise all outstanding credentials for coaches and pass on Simon for Clubmark accreditation

  • Membership form to be in a PDF format and Simon will look to redesign some of the wording/area that relates to permission for photographs and parents permission.

  • The Committee agreed to have hard copies of the annual membership form and to also issue our own general code of conduct for members with the form.

  • Increase in membership by 10% to be changed to junior membership

  • Janet to take her safeguarding course in two weeks and apply on line for a DBS

  • Giulio will take Liza through the DBS application over the next week

  • The KC have indicated they are reviewing the their hire costs the summer league subs have been increased to £2-50 and the consensus was that we should raise the beginners subs to £3 which will bring all juniors in line and leave the adults as is. This needs to be finalised so any changes are made at the AGM

  • Giulio will prepare the annual report and forward to Jason and Kevin (instead of Dave Ball) to complete a summary for those areas.

  • Simon presented a file that includes incident, safeguarding, and risk assessment forms which will be kept in the main cupboard. Brian will complete the session risk assessment and Janet will deal with the accident form/issues

  • The 2 star tournaments are planned for Saturdays 28th September and 16th November

  • Dave Godbold will carry out specific coaching with the younger junior boys and girls having 2 sessions in June, July, and August Paul Foreman will fund this training Giulio is waiting for response from parents and will then prepare a schedule.

  • The AGM is planned for Wednesday 29th May Brian to arrange booking at the RA club

  • It is proposed that the Committee will review the monthly accounts in tandem with the monthly forecast and progress on the development plan. This information will be on the website and discussion can be done on line. Giulio Brian and Simon will meet up on a monthly basis to assess progress with Development plan, Finance plan v actual and Clubmark. 


Next meeting will take place on Wednesday 17th July at DSRM 5-0pm-6-30pm