Committee Meeting Wednesday 2nd October 2019



Key/Action and issues. (Actions completed highlighted in red)


  • September and YTD finances were reviewed and both results showed better than forecast also Mike had completed the reconciliation of the 2* tournament which indicated a profit of around £340, queries still remain on unpaid sponsors and TTE fees  Simon will now update the financial information on the website.

  • Decision on whether to purchased the discounted tables in February will be reviewed at our next meeting in January 2020

  • The Teessport contract is up for renewal in July 2020 it was agreed that Giulio and Simon would look at the existing contract with an aim to get some improved discounts or benefits in a new agreement.

  • Martin Ireland is visiting the Academy on Thursday 24th October; this visit is intended to be the final part of the process for achieving Clubmark. Simon will prepare a guide for coaches and volunteers to help them to be aware of the Academy processes and Giulio will go through this guide with those coaches and volunteers who will be present on the night of his visit

  • Simon has prepared a satisfaction survey and this will be issued by Brian and Janet w/c 14th October. The result of this survey will give the Committee better understanding of members views on certain areas and depending on the results begin to drill down further into those issues.

  • To ensure that we follow the requirements of Clubmark Simon will carry out Quarterly audits covering Management, Welfare, Playing program and Membership using a traffic light process to highlight where we are. The first audit result is planned in December and will be reviewed at out January 2020  meeting

  • Cover for first aiders will be reviewed in 6 months the main issue is the Tuesday night cover.

  • It was agreed to close the Thursday 31st October session because of Halloween and likely low attendance

  • All the tables have been moved from the church hall and will cease to be part of the Academy.

  • The summer league was a great success and the Committee thanked Simon for all the work involved, Giulio highlighted an issue where at the start/ end of the summer and winter league there are 2/3 weeks where the Tuesday match night is available for practice. It was agreed unless there is a guarantee it will be used by players to at least cover the hire cost then that night will be closed temporally till the winter league starts

  • Both Harrowgate Hill and Longfield are natural feeders of children into the Academy, Giulio highlighted that Frank Dixon may not want to carry out the Harrowgate Hill session for 2020 this will be monitored.

  • Giulio will look at another method of supporting/training new volunteers and coaches.  

  • The Academy received excellent feedback from the recent visit from the England coach they could not believe the amount of young children attending the session also were very impressed with the enthusiasm and commitment of coaches and volunteers. They were very interested in some of our young children and at some stage there will be a follow up with TTE.

Sports and Social Committee

  • Cleveland club is booked for the presentation night on November 30th Brian and Janet are organising the buffet, disco, etc. Giulio will supply Brian names of summer league winner etc and results of the group competitions starting w/c 7th October. Itinerary for the night was agreed and Simon is going to produce a ticket for the event. Brian will prepare a notice for session nights and Giulio will ask Andrea to post it nearer the time on facebook

  • Bag pack now planned for Saturday 16th November at Tesco Bishop Auckland Gemma will prepare a leaflet for w/c 7th October to allow Janet to issue those to members when paying subs.

  • Keith Wilson will be running the cadet and junior leagues 2019/2020

  • The winter league teams and development league have now been completed by Brian and will start w/c 7th October. Giulio has asked Simon if he could attend the first match night session to support the new teams in the development league.



Next meeting will take place on Wednesday January 8th 2020 at DSRM 6-30pm-8-0pm, at that meeting I would like us all to consider plans for 2020/2021 which we can build into to the development plan and prepare the financial forecast.

However periodic meetings will take place at the Kings Centre with Brian, Simon and Giulio to continue to review these key /action and issues.