In the event that any member feels that they have suffered discrimination in any way or that the Club Policies, Rules or Codes of Conduct have been broken they should follow the procedures below:

1. If the matter is a child protection issue or involves anyone aged under 18 years it should be reported to the club welfare officer or Table Tennis England’s Safeguarding Manager (Judy Rogers on 07507860034). Sample incident report forms can be found on Table Tennis England’s website.

2. For all other complaints the matter should be referred to the club disciplinary chairman or other appropriate officer. The report should include:


3. Details of the incident


4. The date and time the incident occurred


5. Names of any witnesses or people present at the time of the incident


6. Statements from any witnesses

7. The club disciplinary chairman or other appropriate officer will refer the information either to the club management committee or to the club/league disciplinary panel if in place. The designated committee will:

8. Treat every report as confidential

9. Not discuss any matters with anyone outside of the committee other than to request expert advice

10. Declare immediately if they have a conflict of interest

11. Treat each reported incident fairly and equitably

12. The club management or disciplinary committee will have the power to:

13. Issue a verbal warning as to future conduct

14. Issue a written warning as to future conduct

15. Suspend from activities or membership for a period of time

16. Remove/expel from the club/league