• Teams will consist of two players playing 2 singles and a double match

  • Teams can have additional players to cover for holidays etc

  • In the event of a team having insufficient players for a match teams can use a player from another team as long as his handicap is the same or greater than the player he is replacing and it is from the same division, also to help with player cover each division will have a pool of players that could be use also to cover absence..

  • All matches to be played at the Kings Centre on a Tuesday night 7pm-9pm

  • The fee is £2.50 for all players in each match played ( home or away fixture) which will be collected by Simon on match night

  • Matches will be played in Darlington league format, resulting in a match and handicap result

  • Match cards to be passed on to Simon on the night where he will input the results onto the Darlington Summer League Website

  • The doubles match handicap will be calculated using the average of both players handicap

  • The match card is available on the website to download

  • To maintain the informal nature of the summer league each team are requested to nominate a team name rather than the club name.

  • Access to the website for team secretary contacts, fixture list, league tables and averages is available on



Simon’s role is the summer league administrator and will be collecting the subs and uploading match results and maintaining the website.


The setting up and taking down and storing the tables is the responsibility of teams and players therefore set up time is from 6:30pm-7:00pm and would appreciate as each match finishes could those teams involved please put their equipment away and make sure that area is left tidy.